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Woodstock, lately. (In photographs and declarative sentences.)

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Fall is almost here.

Pierre’s gardens are lovely and golden.

People are funny.

These eggs are beautiful.

The Woodstock Art Festival was a success.

The views from Mt. Peg are fab.

The nights are getting colder.

Stick Season

Monday, November 29th, 2010

After the last leaves have fallen, but before the first real snow, Vermonters enjoy Stick Season.

Stick season may lack the exuberance of fall and the elegance of winter, but it has its own gilded and peaceful charms.

In fact, Stick Season may be the ideal occasion to meander along one of Woodstock’s mountain trails.

A hike up Mt. Peg, for example, is an excellent way to spend a Stick Season afternoon.

Though the leaves have fallen, there’s still plenty to appreciate.

And the views from the top are none too shabby.

You can even see the snow onĀ Killington, already busy with skiers and hinting at the season to come.

Stick Season – another lovely time to see Vermont.